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Szklarska Poręba

Szklarska Poreba is the largest holiday resort and centre of winter sports in the Sudeten Mountains, with plenty of space for everyone among these beautiful surroundings. Although there are some museums in this animated town, people flock here mainly for the splendour of nature and for the abundance of outdoor activities the region has to offer. The town offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities.

Szklarska Poręba TOURISM

The name Szklarska Poreba means ‘glass forest clearing’, and actually comes from the local glass making industry. For centuries the manufacturing of glass and glass products has been the chief driving force behind the development of the town. Szklarska Poreba is the site of the first glassworks to be founded in the Sudeten Mountains, which occurred as early as the 14th century.

Szklarska Poreba is considered to be one of the finest mountain resorts in Poland, and is well known among foreign visitors. In fact, it is busy with tourists almost all year long. In winter most of the town’s 10 hotels, 90 holiday homes and 50 pensions are occupied by skiers who want to take advantage of the slopes surrounding the town. There is a two-stage chairlift to carry people up Mt Szrenica, to an elevation of 603 m.

The town serves as a departure point for trips to the Karkonosze and Izery Mountains, while several scenic sights are within walking distance the centre. Only 1.5 km away from the town, near the road to Jelenia Gora, you can admire the popular and beautiful Szklarka Waterfall, truly the loveliest in the Karkonosze Mountains, although at 13 m it is not among the highest. Its beauty was already well known by the 18th century.


Szklarska Poreba lies 440-886 m above sea level in the south-western part of the country, about 130 km from the Lower Silesian capital of Wroclaw and almost at the intersection of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The little town occupies the valley of the Kamienna River and its tributaries in the Karkonosze Mountains, the latter constituting the highest part of the Sudeten massif.

Overlooked by Mt Szrenica (1362 m), Szklarska Poreba covers an area of 76 km2 (86% of the total area is forests) and has a relatively small community of something over 7,000 residents. The climate is high mountain, with relatively low temperatures, a lot of sunshine, low humidity and snow cover remaining for about 110 days each year.

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Szklarska Poreba obtained city rights in 1960, which makes it one of the youngest towns in Poland. However, by the 12th century the area was already being mined for gold and other natural riches.

The year 1281 marked the birth of the glass-working industry in the region. At that time the Knights of St. John from the huge monastery in today’s Cieplice purchased a piece of land stretching from Piechowice to Izerskie Garby in the Wysoki Grzbiet Izerski mountain range. The glass-wor... ( more >>)

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Population: 7002 #177
Province: Lower Silesian
Telephone: +48 75
Museums: 1
Districts: 1
Theatres: 0
Mayor: Grzegorz Sokoliński
Higher Education: 0