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  • City Centre hotels: 5 Most of the hotels in Bialystok are situated in the centre of the city, especially in the historical core. Apart from the best hotels, in the Bialystok centre there are also several interesting monuments. The historical centre does not form a compact old town -- Kosciuszki Square could be considered the city's focal point. Perhaps the most distinctive sight in Bialystok is Branicki Palace, an interesting building on the Biala River, encircled by a beautiful park. Most Bialystok hotels can be found in close proximity to it. If you choose to stay in the historical centre, you should be aware of the fact that the railway and coach stations will be quite far from your hotel
  • Near City Centre hotels: 4 As Bialystok is a medium-sized city, accommodation near the city centre is very convenient. These hotels are located only a short distance from the centre, and the neighbourhood is quieter. Besides that, there are also some attractions located in this area, including St. Mary Magdalene’s Orthodox Church and the All Saints Orthodox Church.
  • Outside City Centre hotels: 4 Bialystok is an important transit stop on the way to Lithuania, Russia and Belarus, so you may fancy finding convenient accommodation on the outskirts of town. This location is also recommended for people who plan to visit Biebrzanski National Park.
Bialystok hotel market Bialystok Bialystok is a provincial town with moderate business possibilities - the capital of Podlachia region is developing especially in the furniture industry. Bialystok hotel market is oriented at the business travellers and is also an important stop-over point thanks to its location on the border with Belarus and Lithuania. As a tourist you may find hotels in Bialystok perfect if you travel to the Eastern Europe or to the Baltic States, also if you are a hunter or if you want to rest in the national parks in Eastern Poland (Narew, Biebrza, Bialystok).

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