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Leszno is the home to many outstanding Polish sportsmen, scientists and actors. Aside from being the birthplace of famous Poles, this town is a popular destination for everyone who wish to spend a few day far from everyday duties. Both leisure travellers who would like to rest in an open air and art connoisseurs that look for excitement will find something for themselves in Leszno.


Leszno region is very popular with tourists. A good transport connection with Poznan and Wroclaw makes it easy to get to Leszno from many places in Poland. Leszno County may boast of numerous monuments as well as tourist and leisure centres. Worth visiting are especially the sanctuary on Swieta Gora in Gostyn, the palace in Pawlowice as well as the castle and wind mill in Rydzyna, among others. There are also many beautiful architectural monuments in Leszno, like probably the oldest and largest synagogue in the voivodeship, whose wooden structure was built in 1626. The synagogue was rebuilt for the first time in the 18th century and later in the early 20th century. At present it constitutes an interesting combination of baroque and Vienna secession. Other interesting sacral buildings in Leszno are: St. Nicklaus Church, which is an important place of cult and memory of the Leszczynski family (tombstones and numerous pictures stress the Leszczynskis’ contribution to history) built by the Unity of the Brethren, late-Gothic St. John the Baptist Church and St. Cross Church, which is a beautiful example of Lutheran architecture. While in Leszno, you should definitely visit the town square, surrounded by tenements from the turn of the 20th century and the town hall, which was erected in the baroque-classicist style. The town hall is a visiting card of Leszno authorities. It is there that various conferences and exhibitions take place. In the town hall’s underground restaurant you may also eat dinner or have a cup of coffee. Active visitors will find multiple sport and leisure centres, including the modern Akwawit pool, numerous tennis courts, a bowling alley, a stadium and a sports hall, where one can also practise horse riding. Visitors wishing to rest in the open air, close to nature may go for a foot or bike trip on one the town’s tourist trails. Due to the great number of lakes, Leszno region is also of attraction to windsurfers, canoeists and sailors. Two large landscape parks and numerous nature reserves, including the Lily of the Valley Reserve, constitute perfect places for the observation of rare species of animals and birds.


Located in the west of Poland, on the picturesque Greater Poland Lowland, Leszno is an attractive tourist resort. The fact is influenced by both nature values of the region and a close proximity to two cultural and economic centres, Poznan and Wroclaw. Even though Leszno is not inhabited by many people (the town’s population totals approximately 64 thousand), it is considered one of the largest towns in the voivodeship, due to the population density.

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According to the legend, Leszno came to existence thanks to the Leszczynski family, the member of whom was Stanislaw Leszczynski, the king of Poland. To commemorate the fact the town’s coat of arms includes an element of the Leszczynskis’ coat of arms, i.e. a half of a bison’s head on a golden background. However, Stanislaw Leszczynski lived in the turn of the 18th century and the first records about this town in the Greater Poland come from 1393. The development of Leszno began in the 16th... ( více >>)

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