Opening hours are very diverse and it is difficult to apply any rules. Most grocery stores open at 7 in the morning and are open until 7 pm from Monday to Friday, but there are many exceptions. The smaller shops close earlier on Saturday while on Sunday they do not open at all. There are also numerous supermarkets belonging to international chains that are often open seven days a week until late. Modern shopping malls are mushrooming in all major cities, especially in Warsaw where the shopping centre boom is unparalleled with any other city in Eastern Europe. Very special are "bazary" (market places), usually located close to city centres. Apart from fresh fruit and vegetables it is possible to find almost anything there.

The historical centres of the largest cities are usually full of art galleries offering amber jewellery, Polish craftwork and antique objects. As a souvenir we cannot but recommend decorated Easter willow twigs or traditional ceramics from Boleslawiec. The speciality of Poland's southern towns and cities are the articles created from wood from the Polish mountains (mountain walking sticks), oscypek highland cheese or sheep fleeces. The greatest choice of such things you will find in Krakow's Cloth Hall on the Main Market Square, or in Zakopane at the large market at the foot of Krupowki Street.

    Prices of basic products:
  • Bread – 2-3 PLN
  • Milk – 2-3 PLN
  • Cheese – 25 PLN / kg
  • Ham – 20-30 PLN / kg
  • Butter – 4 PLN
  • Mineral water – 2 PLN / 1.5 l
  • Beer – 3-4 PLN / 0.5 l
  • Cigarettes – 7-8 PLN
  • Bus ticket – 2.4 PLN (Warsaw)
  • Petrol – 4 PLN / 1l

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