Jewish heritage in Poland


Jewish Galicia

2 Days
Departure from:
Starting from:130 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Magical south-east Poland
  • Shtetls, synagogues, cemeteries
  • Tarnow, Bobowa, Lesko, Lańcut …

Jewish Culture Tour

4 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:39 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Magnificent synagogues
  • Schindler’s List locations
  • Plaszow concentration camp

Jewish Lodz

4 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:33 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Amazing 19th century buildings
  • Chaim Rumkowski’s ghetto plea
  • Biggest Jewish cemetery

Jewish Heritage

5 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:30 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • The old Polish Jerusalem
  • The famous Yeshiva Chachmei
  • Majdanek concrentration camp

Jewish Heritage Tour

3 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:26 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Hidden traces of Jewish culture and history
  • Specialized guide takes you to hidden backyards and histories most locals are unaware of.
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