City Centre

Swinoujscie is situated on two islands, Wolin and Uznam, right on the border with Germany. The centre of Swinoujscie is on Uznam Island on the left bank of the Swina River, which gave the city its name. Staying in one of the centrally-located hotels guarantees the best opportunity to discover this amazing city. Such hotels may also be convenient if you are coming to Swinoujscie on business.

    Near City Centre

    There are some good hotels in Swinoujscie located near the centre of the city. They can be a good option, especially for those who want to take their holiday in Swinoujscie. We recommend hotels near the town centre for their quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

    • North

    Swinoujscie hotel market

    Hotels in Swinoujscie are very popular throughout the summer season. The town is a seaside resort, a foot border crossing to Germany and a ferry terminal for passengers and cargo. Visitors choose hotels in Swinoujscie generally for two reasons: business and health. Swinoujscie hotels guarantee a fine and pleasant stay. Most of the accommodation options are based in old villas, which after refurbishment and adjustments to suit customer demands, generally serve clients well.


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