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Whatever your goal for visiting Wloclawek, we recommend those hotels located within the centre of the city. Staying in a centrally-located hotel guarantees that all the main institutions and transportation hubs will be nearby. Hotels in the centre of Wloclawek are within close proximity of the remarkable monuments of the city, including the Old Town Market Square, St. John the Baptist Church and the Kujawskie Museum.

    Wloclawek hotel market

    Wloclawek is a town of approximately 150,000 habitants. Hotels in Wloclawek are popular due to its location in the centre of Poland and the proximity to major attractions in the region. Wloclawek is also home to many international companies that attracts business travellers. Travellers planning travel to Wloclawek will certainly find a suitable hotel in Wloclawek. Hotels, situated in the centre of the town offer accommodation of all standards – from the upper range to low range options. Besides this, Wloclawek is located close to two Polish spa resorts: the well-known Ciechocinek and smaller Wieniec Zdroj.
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    Hotels Wloclawek

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    Pałac Bursztynowy

    Starting from:67 EUR

    Garage Hotel

    Starting from:37 EUR


    Starting from:58 EUR


    Starting from:65 EUR


    Starting from:32 EUR

    Hotel Rozbicki

    Starting from:51 EUR

    Młyn Hotel & SPA

    Starting from:63 EUR


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