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Set in the peaceful, lush environment of the region of Kurpie, Nowogrod forms an excellent starting point for exploring the Kurpiowska Primeval Forest. There are numerous hiking trails leading through forests, meadows and fields that are so typical of the region. Furthermore, a stay in Nowogrod is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the colourful folklore of Kurpie.


Traditional forms of Kurpie folk art, such as architecture, carving, ornaments, weaving and cut-outs, can all be found in the small town of Nowogrod. Old customs are very much alive here through songs and dances, while the local dialect remains in common usage. It is best to visit Nowogrod at the beginning of July, when the National Day of Culture of Kurpie is held, a major tourist attraction featuring performances of folk groups and sessions of story telling.

A must while in Nowogrod is a visit to the interesting outdoor museum, known as a ‘skansen’ in Polish, scenically located on beautiful river terraces. Within an area of 4.5 ha there are 18 large buildings as well as some less imposing examples of the local architecture. Apart from the museum, landmarks in the town include a historic parish church with a presbytery from the 15th century, and a Second World War tank located atop a hill overlooking the Narew River. In the vicinity of the town, several Polish combat shelters from 1939 still surviving.

With a large number of rivers and streams, the region around Nowogrod provides ideal conditions for all kinds of water sports, kayaking in particular (on the Pisa and Narew Rivers).


Nowogrod is located in the western part of the Podlaskie Voivodship, in Lomza County, 17 km from the city of Lomza and on provincial road no 645 from Lomza to Myszyniec. It has a population of about 2,000 within an area of 2,955 ha.

An apparent advantage of the town is its picturesque location on a high cliff in the Lower Narew Valley, right at the spot where the Pisa River flows into the Narew. The two rivers link the Vistula River with the Great Masurian Lakes. Along the bank of the Narew opposite Nowogrod can be found the Kurpiowska Primeval Forest.

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The first defensive settlement at the junction of the Pisa and Narew Rivers was established in the 9th century and remained in existence at least until the 12th century. Archaeological findings show that the original settlement was located on the opposite bank of the Narew from where it is situated now.

In the 12th century, on the high bank of the Narew, at the current site of the ‘skansen’, a new defensive settlement with wooden-ground fortifications was built. During the reign o... ( más >>)