When and how will I pay for my booking?

STAYPOLAND reservation system strives to be universal – we give our guests a choice. Do you prefer to pay directly in the hotel or do you wish to pay instantly with your credit card when making the booking? – Both options are possible on STAYPOLAND. On the hotel search results page in the INFO column we indicate what payment type is allowed in each hotel by symbols “H” and “P”

  • H – You pay DIRECTLY at HOTEL reception – after check-in.
  • P – You PRE-PAY online – IMMEDIATELY when making a reservation.
  • H/P – It is possible to pay either now or later at hotel. Guests choose the payment form.

Detailed payment info: 

  • H (HOTEL)– You will be asked to guarantee your reservation by providing us with your credit card details. After guaranteeing your reservation we send you CONFIRMATION LETTER. If you want to pay with your credit card, it will not be charged before the arrival. The hotel will keep it as a guarantee against no-show or very late cancellations, and the payment occurs in the hotel – usually during check-out: you pay by cash or credit card. Please contact us in the case you do not possess a credit card.
  • P (PREPAYMENT) – Many people prefer to have their stay conveniently prepaid. If you choose this option, our system will forward you to our 100% secure online payment section (eCard: Polish credit card transactions operator: VISA, EC/MC, Diners, JCB – www.ecard.pl). You facilitate the payment and receive an automatic CONFIRMATION VOUCHER in your preferred language. If you must cancel, we will refund the money according to the cancellation policy. In case of advance bookings, we also allow bank transfer.
  • H/P (UNIVERSAL PAYMENTS)– If you see H/P in the INFO column, STAYPOLAND system will give you a choice what payment type you prefer.

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