Tailor-made tours in Poland

We aim to accommodate your budget and travel preferences, and will provide you with a complimentary quote tailored to your needs.

Our exclusive tailor-made tour support offers you the ease of planning your perfect trip to Poland. You have the freedom to select your desired destinations and activities, and our personal travel assistant will take care of organizing everything in an easy, hassle-free, and cost-effective manner.

You can choose from our well-established tour itineraries or use the form below ↓ to consult with our personal travel assistants for customized plans. Inform us about your desired destinations, activities, available time, and budget. We offer a free quote for your trip, ensuring transparency in our pricing and service. Our commitment is to provide clear and straightforward information, so you can make informed decisions without any hidden costs.

Our services include everything you need for a perfect trip. From choosing from over 3000 partnered hotels for the best stay, to convenient transport options like rail, car rental, chauffeur-driven cars, and even chartered private planes. We also provide knowledgeable guides fluent in 15 languages, meal arrangements at top local restaurants, and a diverse program including cultural events and ticket bookings.

Your Personalized Journey Awaits

Imagine a trip where every detail reflects your preferences, from destinations to activities. With our tailored travel planning, you have the freedom to design your dream vacation in Poland. Whether it’s a quaint village or a bustling cityscape, your trip will align perfectly with your time and budget.

Seamless and Comprehensive Support

From the moment you start planning to the end of your journey, we’ve got everything covered. Choose from over 3000 partnered hotels for the best stay, enjoy convenient transport options like rental cars or private chauffeurs, and immerse yourself in the culture with our knowledgeable guides fluent in 15 languages. Plus, we’ll handle all your meal reservations and event bookings, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Transparent and Budget-Friendly Options

We believe in clarity and honesty in our pricing. That’s why we offer you a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific travel needs. You can make informed decisions about your trip with no hidden costs. We’re committed to providing you with a cost-effective journey that doesn’t compromise on quality or experience.


    Please check all the activities you are interested in. This will help us tailor our tour offerings to your preferences.
    Please tell us more about your trip including preferred stay dates and purpose, transportation etc., anything that will enable us to build up your personal trip profile. We will then be able to shape our service to match your exact needs. No detail is too small.

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    Good to know

    • Our tailor-made tours of Poland are organised on request: for one or two people, families, and also very large groups. The tours last anything from a day to a month, or any duration that suits you; just let us know.
    • Read our e-books, and enjoy the professional approach of your personal travel assistant in our Warsaw or Krakow offices.
    • Each tailor-made tour comprises of at least two service items: accommodation, transport, guides, meals, varied program, health insurance and booking of restaurants.
    • Our prices are stated in PLN (Polish zloty)
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