Gliwice hotels

Centre Ville

The number of hotels in Gliwice is rather limited. However, the best of them may be found in the centre of Gliwice. Hotels in Gliwice, situated in this area, are very convenient, as they lie in the very heart of the city.

  • Centre Ville

    Gliwice’s downtown area is around Zwyciestwa Street, between the railway station and the Old Town area. Some of the most prestigious locations for hotels in Gliwice can be found here.
  • Vieille Ville

    This is the perfect location for hotels in Gliwice. All of the hotels here are situated within close proximity to the main institutions, shopping areas, major monuments and the railway station. If you are seeking a good hotel in Gliwice, these should be worth your special attention.

Hors du Centre Ville

Staying in a hotel outside of the centre of Gliwice guarantees you a good rest. In addition to that, some of these hotels are close to the major intercity and international routes, including the A4 Motorway that leads to Opole, Wroclaw and Krakow. Thus, hotels in this area of Gliwice can be very convenient, especially if sightseeing is not the main goal of your visit. If you stay in a hotel in eastern Gliwice, you will be close to Zabrze and other towns in the Upper Silesian agglomeration.

  • Nord

L’offre des hotels à Gliwice

La plupart des Polonais identifient Gliwice à l’industrie lourde, ce qui constitue une vision tout à fait correcte. En effet, cette ville peut devenir dans peu de temps le centre industriel et commercial de la Silésie. Par conséquent, le nombre des hôtels à Gliwice accroît constamment.

Pourtant peu de gens savent que Gliwice a aussi une Vieille Ville très belle qui mérite d’être visitée même si vous voyagez seulement pour affaires. Certains hôtels sont situés justement dans le centre historique de la ville.


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