Although anything but a popular tourist destination, Zglobice is visited for its location close to Tarnow and Krakow. The centre of Tarnow is within 5 km from Zglobice, which will let you explore this charming historical town with ease.



Zglobice is a large village in southern Poland, with a population of about 2,600 people. Apart from the Dunajec River flowing through there, Zglobice has little to boast. Despite this, it is worth visiting for its proximity to Tarnow – a lovely middle-sized town with several interesting historical sights, such as the basilica and the town hall. Tarnow used to be a centre of the Gypsy culture and there is an exhibition about the Gypsies’ world in the local Ethnographic Museum.



Zglobice is a village located 5 km from Tarnow and 70 km from Krakow, near international road E4. Administratively, the village is situated in Lesser Poland voivodship, in Tarnow county and the Tarnow community. From a geographical point of view, the area is an upland region known as Wysoczyzna Zglobicka.



Originally called Slobicze and later Sglobicze, the settlement existed on the right bank of the Dunajec River as early as in 1358. Its name probably derived from the founder’s name.

In the XVII centuries the owners of Zglobice were the Zbylitowski family. Presently, the area near the village is known as Zbylitowska Gora. In that time the Arian (Polish Brethren movement) was quite influential, this Protestant movement included several members of the Zbylitowski family.

The next family to own Zglobice were the Moszczynieckis, and later the Turnals. In the 19th century Zglobice with its manor and park belonged to count Zborowski and his family, and then during the interwar period, until 1945, these lands were the property of Adam Marszalkowicz.

After World War II, under the Communist rule, the manor was nationalised and turned into a school. In 1961 a public library was established in Zglobice, and soon the village gained a post office and a fire station. Four city buses now connect Tarnow with Zglobice.


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