Top places in Poland: Wieliczka

Possibly the most famous salt mine and oldest functioning business enterprise in the world. Salt has been mined here since the 13th century and probably even earlier. Today there are 300 km of surviving corridors spread over 9 floors as deep as 327 m underground. Your visit to this subterranean kingdom of salt (12 km from Kraków) will be unforgettable. The national daily newspaper, Rzeczpospolita, voted this as the top cultural wonder of Poland.

A walk through the underground passages of the Wieliczka Salt Mine will remain in your memory for a long time. It is an exciting journey through crystal chambers and labyrinthine alleys, where you feel as if you are walking straight to the heart of the Earth.

As you travel through the underworld, you will encounter many unique attractions, such as salt monuments, underground lakes, and even entire churches hidden more than 65 meters below the surface.

What to do in Wieliczka?

  • Exciting and very popular guided tour: the best of the corridors, sculptures in halls and three chapels (3 km walk in 2 hrs, descend on foot approx.
    400 stairs, return by lift).
  • Wieliczka underground museum (separate entrance); wooden 16th century St. Sebastian’s church; possibility of a curative stay in the sanatorium
    deep down in this kingdom of salt, and other events such as New Year Eve’s parties.


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