Krakow & Wieliczka

If you do not plan a stay in Krakow, but you have the time to make a one-day trip to this most essential travel destination in Poland, then the great news is that both Krakow and Wieliczka are quite accessible from Zakopane.

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  • private transportation from Zakopane to Krakow and Wieliczka
  • service of licensed English-speaking guide in Krakow
  • entrance tickets: St. Mary church, English tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Try to avoid Fridays and Sundays as the roads will most probably be clogged with people travelling either to or from Zakopane, but Krakow and Wieliczka are absolute musts.

Krakow absorbs all the superlatives in terms of Polish historical cities and it is a sin not to visit its old central areas, the enormous Market Square or the castle of the Polish kings, the Wawel.

Krakow’s suburb of Wieliczka has probably the most significant technical monument in Poland, which is a well preserved medieval mine where salt was extracted continuously for 700 years. Our guided tour will lead you through several splendid halls, corridors and chapels, all hewn from the rock salt and decorated with carved salt.

Unesco world heritage monuments

Krakow Old Town

Wieliczka Salt Mine

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