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About 90 km north-east of Warsaw lies the tiny town of Brok, surrounded by beautiful and vast forests. Known as one of the smallest chartered towns in Europe, it provides a cosy village-like atmosphere and lots of space to spend active breaks and to relax away from city turmoil.


With less than two thousand permanent inhabitants and a lack of industry, Brok is mainly a holiday destination, recommended for those who can appreciate its out-of-the-way setting and calm environment. The Gothic church of St Andrew the Apostle from the 16th century with its Renaissance influences and the old town hall are the sole, but at the same time interesting, historical sights.

The biggest advantage of Brok is its location in the heart of the Nadbuzanski Landscape Park, the largest area of its kind in Poland. Within its borders is the Puszcza Biala primeval forest, only a short distance from Brok, as well as 13 natural reserves. This extensive wooded area forms good conditions to spend time cycling or walking as you can find plenty of marked trails in the neighbourhood. You may also like to try a boat trip along the Bug River.


The town of Brok belongs to the Masovian Voivodship, and its name comes from the nearby Brok River, which flows into the bigger Bug River. The town is perched on a high bank of the Bug, providing picturesque views of its meanders.

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Brok first appears in the records in 1233, and in 1501 it received town rights from the bishops of Plock. The town was the main centre of the Masovia in these times, and for a while it was even the seat of Plock bishops. One of these, Henryk Firley, built a castle there in the 17th century. Now all that left of the castle after it was burnt down, dismantled and ruined, is a fragment of a tower.

Brok owed its great prosperity, even back in the middle ages, to its location by the water... ( more >>)

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Population: 1977 #246
Province: Masovian
Telephone: +48 29
Museums: 0
Districts: 1
Theatres: 0
Mayor: Krystyna Kacpura
Higher Education: 0