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Sitting in the shadow of Mt Sniezka (1603 m), the highest summit in the Sudetes, Karpacz is one of the most popular and entertaining mountain holiday resorts in Poland. Listed among the “winter capitals of Poland”, it draws more visitors than it has permanent inhabitants and is especially attractive for outdoor types – not only skiers, but also hikers. Another asset of Karpacz is its proximity to Karkonosze National Park, which has plenty of hiking areas to explore.


This little town, or rather large village, lacks any central area. Situated along a 10 km long winding road, it consists of two parts: Karpacz Dolny (Lower Karpacz) where most hotels, pensions and eating venues can be found, and Karpacz Gorny (Upper Karpacz), simply a collection of holiday homes.

When in Karpacz, it might be an idea to pay a visit to the unusual, though small Toy Museum. However, the real treat is the unique 13th century Lutheran Wang Chapel, to be found half way between the town and Mt Sniezka. Interestingly, not a single nail was used during the construction of this wooden structure.

The town makes a perfect base for hiking excursions to Karkonosze National Park, just to the south of Karpacz. From here there are six different trails leading to Mt Sniezka, the most obvious aim for the majority of walkers, as well as a number of ski lifts and a chairlift.

Apart from beautiful lakes, waterfalls and rock formations, the distinctive feature of the Karkonosze landscape include the kotly (cirques) – enormous cavities carved by glaciers during the ice age and edged with sheer rocks. There are half a dozen of them on the Polish side of the Sudetes.


Karpacz, a town on Lomnica River in the Lower Silesian voivodship, has an estimated permanent population of 6000. It is situated at an altitude of 480-885 metres above sea level, and only 15 km south of Jelenia Gora. Within the town’s limits is the highest part of the Karkonosze, with Mt Sniezka rising to 1603 metres (the Karkonosze are the highest range of the Sudetes Mountains).

The climate in Karpacz is the same as that of the Karkonosze Mountains – harsh and characterised by severe rainfall (snowfall in winter). Those planning a trip here should be mindful of the very changeable weather that the area is prone to: powerful winds and fogs may occur at any time of the year.

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The origins of Karpacz go back to the end of the 14th century, for it was then that the iron ore, silver and gold began to be mined in the Sowia Valley. Archaeological research allows us to suppose that prior to that the area was penetrated by those combing the mountains in search of precious jewels. In the vicinity, on the slope of Mt Grabowiec, there was a place of pagan worship. Conceivably other such centres were located within today’s Karpacz. It is possible that Mt Sniezka, the highest pea... ( more >>)

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Population: 5026 #199
Province: Lower Silesian
Telephone: +48 75
Museums: 2
Districts: 0
Theatres: 0
Mayor: Bogdan Malinowski
Higher Education: 0