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Although Rzeszow is the second most important city of south-eastern Poland after Krakow, a walk through the centre is more like that through a small, peaceful (or even sleepy) town. In fact Rzeszow is a progressive economic, academic and cultural centre, the capital of the Subcarpathian Province and one of the largest cities in the region.


For centuries Rzeszow took advantage of its location on a major east-west route linking Krakow, Przemysl and Lwow (L'viv) with the Black Sea. Even today, this route still plays an important role in city life, as Rzeszow is situated on International Road No 4, running from Germany to Ukraine along Poland's southern and eastern borders.

With its population of over 172 ,000, Rzeszow is now one of the largest cities of the region and the capital of the Subcarpathian Province. An important influence on the city’s development has been the modern international airport, Rzeszow-Jasionka, situated 10 km north of the city centre.

Local trade and industry is continues to develop, partly due to several important investors, including Zelmer, Alima-Gerber, ICN-Polfa. Various commercial events and exhibitions are organised in Rzeszow throughout the year. Besides this, the city is the main academic centre of the province, and well known for its polytechnic. The estimated number of students in the city is 50,000, almost a third of the city’s population.

The city lost its traditional appearance due to the wartime damage and the subsequent industrialisation. As a result, Rzeszow can seem a little soulless, yet its old town is still worth a visit.


Rzeszow is situated in Subcarpathia, the southeastern corner of Poland, adjoining the territories of Ukraine and Slovakia. The city itself is about 100 km from the border with each neighbour. Geographically, Rzeszow's location can be described as borderland Sandomierska Basin and Carpathian Foothills. The Wislok River passes through the city, and forms a wide valley.

The climate in the region is rather warm in comparison to the rest of the country.

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The first recorded reference to Rzeszow dates from 1354,when it was granted a town charter by King Casimir the Great. Thanks to the trade routes to the territories of today’s Slovakia, Hungary and Russia it was able to develop rapidly. This period of prosperity did not come to the end even when a major fire in the 15th century destroyed the old town, together with 14th-century parish church. The city was soon rebuilt and received several privileges, including permission to sell beer, wine and sa... ( more >>)

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Population: 172770 #23
Province: Subcarpathian
Telephone: +48 17
Museums: 10
Districts: 17
Theatres: 6
Mayor: Tadeusz Ferenc
Higher Education: 12