Domaslaw is a small village in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Wroclaw County, Kobierzyce Commune. The name of the village probably derives from a Slavic name Domaslaw, i.e. the one who praises the house (Polish word for a house is “dom” and for praise “sławić”) or from the village-based famous house. Domaslaw is not a typical holiday resort, but due to its rich history and beautiful nature, it is definitely worth visiting.


Domaslaw TOURISM

Domaslaw is a charming village, located approximately 13 km from Wroclaw. It is a place with an interesting history and numerous monuments. On the list of the Polish National Heritage Institute, there are such Domaslaw’s monuments as: St. Adalbert Church, a tower from the second half of the 14th century, a gatehouse and walls from the 16th century.



Domaslaw is a village in the Lower Silesia, in Wroclaw County and Kobierzyce Commune, located along E8 road. Domaslaw is populated by approximately 740 people. The village lies only 13 km from Wroclaw, which makes it a good starting point to this city.



The first records about Domaslaw come from 1214, but the settlement most probably existed in the Neolithic Age. In the Middle Ages Domaslaw, as the only one village in the commune, was given a right to organise fairs. The local fair was of a great importance since it was one of only five fairs (the others were in Klodzko, Wroclaw, Trzebnica and Milicz) functioning on the North-South transit route. After the location of Wroclaw, the village unfortunately lost its significance.
In the 14th century Domaslaw was a prince village, which in 1336 was given by King John the Blind to Konrad von Borsnitz, the head of Wroclaw. It was then that the church surrounded by gothic curtain walls was built. In 1552 Domaslaw was given to the Holy Spirit Hospital and from then on was administered by Wroclaw town council. The Thirty Years War completely destroyed Domaslaw and other villages in the commune. After the war Protestants were taken away the church.
The village had many names; only after 1945 it has been known as Domaslaw.


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