Kobylnica is a comfortable stop for those who are travelling to Poznan or who just want to stay somewhere a bit farther out from Poznan during the International Poznan Fairs. You can count on a peaceful neighbourhood, lower prices and easy access to the centre of Poznan.


Kobylnica TOURISM

Apart from the vicinity of Poznan, the other advantage of Kobylnica is its location near the Zielonka Primeval Forest, an extensive strip of greenery with many walking trails.

Kobylnica is situated only 12 km from the centre of Poznan and belongs to the Swarzedz administrative division. It is very attractive area in terms of active holidays, as it offers many trails leading through picturesque landscapes, with plenty of wild nature and opportunities to try horse riding. There are also some historical sights in the area, which can be seen as part of the “Trail of wooden churches”. If on two wheels, why not take advantage of the “Cistercian Trail” connecting connecting Swarzedz, Wierzenica, Owinska, Wagrowiec and Lekno.



The area lying to the northern-east from Poznan belongs to the Zielonka Primeval Forest, rich in spectacular landscapes. Its advantage is the unique flora and numerous lakes as well as the highest in the region moraine hill of Dziewicza Gora, literally Virgin Hill, (143 m above the sea level) in the administrative commune of Czerwonak.



The name of the settlement is first mentioned in a document from 1435, but the real development of the village dates back to the 19th century. In the 1870s there were children’s camps organised in Kobylnica during the summer holidays, and even before World War I the people from Poznan came to build holiday homes.

The World War II period was tragic for the local inhabitants and much damage occurred to the town, including the destruction of the railway station. In 1942 a labour camp for Jews was created by Germans in Kobylnica.

Following the war the village was modernised in stages, and in the 1960s a military unit was based there – but today the barracks building houses a hotel.


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