Murzasichle is a large village of over a thousand inhabitants, and it forms a two-kilometre croissant along one long street. Located 7 km from Zakopane, it offers beautiful views of the Tatra chain while in winter it is popular among skiers taking advantage of the several ski lifts and interesting slopes.

Murzasichle TOURISM

Apart from the neighbouring Tatra Mountains, the most popular attraction of Murzasichle for you to visit is the wooden church, built using traditional local styles and techniques just after World War II. The construction was made at the initiative of the local highlanders, who are very religious people, without asking the Communist authorities for permission as they knew they would probably forbid it. You could also visit Wiktorowki Chapel, which is in the close vicinity of Murzasichle.

Murzasichle is a comfortable starting point for hikers and for everyone who loves the Polish Tatras. It lies only some 7 kilometres from Slovakian border where you can also find a wide range of attractive trails and sights. In winter, the new attraction offered in Murzasichle is snowtubing, a winter activity similar to sledding. If you ski or snowboard, then there are good slopes that are restored regularly with snow making machines.



Murzasichle is located at about 100 m above sea level, slightly east of Zakopane. Its location at the foot of Poland’s highest mountains makes the local climate slightly more austere than in the other parts of the country, and in autumn and sometimes in spring you may experience the halny, a type of mountain wind known as a foehn which brings warm temperatures, causes avalanches and makes people feel generally anxious.



The name “Murzasichle” derives from the names of two earlier settlements: Mur and Zasichle. There are many legends explaining the establishment of these two villages, but the most likely one gives the roots as mor (“epidemic”) and Zasichle (“behind the Sichla”). Whatever the source of the name, the village has existed from the 17th century.

Interestingly, many of the inhabitants of Murzasichle share the same family name of Lukaszczyk, which has its origins in the name of the founder of the village, Lukasz, and his sons.


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