Ostroleka is a significant administration centre for north-eastern Poland. It is also famous for energy, cellulose-paper, building and food industries. The town lies by the Narew, halfway between Warsaw and Bialystok. Ostroleka is worth visiting. While in here you should see its numerous monuments and take part in local cultural events.

Ostroleka TOURISM

Ostroleka is a significant cultural and industrial centre for north-eastern of Poland. The town’s cultural life is organised by Ostroleka Culture Centre (composed of the Folklore and Dance Centre, Ostroleka Gallery, Oczko Club and Jantar Cinema), Kurpie Culture Museum and Song and Dance Ensemble Kurpie. Moreover, every year in May Ostroleka Days are held. During this event numerous picnics, sport tournaments and music concerts are organised. An important element of Ostroleka Days is an open-air performance, Battle of Ostroleka. Another event that takes place every year in Ostroleka is rock bands’ festival, Rockoleka.
The most interesting monuments in Ostroleka are: early medieval settlement, the parish church of St. Mary and St. Nicklaus from the 14th century, the monastery complex and the classicist town hall from 1824.



Ostroleka is a town and seat of the county in the Masovian Voivodeship, by the Narew, Omulew and Czeczotka rivers. It is situated on North-Masovian Plain, on the edge of Green Forest (Polish: Puszcza Zielona).
Ostroleka is an important transport hub. It has direct road connections with Warsaw, Olsztyn and Bialystok (each approximately 120 km away). There are two country roads (no. 53 and 61) and two voivodeship roads (no. 544 and 627) running through Ostroleka.



The first records about Ostroleka are from 1373; it was mentioned in the Province Act, signed by Prince Ziemowit III. In 1526 the town was annexed to the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and 37 years later there was an outbreak of a fire and an epidemic, which completely desolated Ostroleka.
In the 17th century, as a result of the development of trade, there was an economic boom here, which was unfortunately restrained in the 1650s, during the Deluge.
In 1795, after the Third Partition of Poland, Ostroleka was joined to Prussia, and in 1807 in Ostroleka there was a battle between French and Russian troops, victorious for France.
On 26 May 1831 Polish troops with general Jan Skrzynecki fought here with Russians. As a result of this battle, the town was almost completely destroyed.
By July 1915, the town was situated on the front line. As Germans crossed the Narew, they entered and ruined the town. After the war Ostroleka was rebuilt. There was also the development of primary and middle-school education.
During the German occupation, there were labour camps in Ostroleka.


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