Auschwitz tours

Private excursions to Auschwitz

We give possibility to book short half-one day trips to Auschwitz from Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice and Zakopane. These are mostly excursions with a private driver. English-speaking drivers can provide you with assistance of getting to all former Nazi German camps in Oswiecim. In the camp we can arrange professional guides.

Before travelling to Auschwitz, we strongly recommend that you find books and articles to read about Auschwitz and learn a bit about its history and the anatomy of the evil.

We also ask you to consider carefully whether to take children under 14 years old with you on this trip.


Auschwitz tours from Krakow


7 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:60 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • the most visited place in Poland
  • the symbol of the 20th century
  • door-to-door service

Auschwitz & Wieliczka

10 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:123 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • two UNESCO sites in one day
  • door-to-door travel service
  • professional, fully involved local guides

Auschwitz tours from Warsaw

Mysterious Silesia

7 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:71 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Fairy-tale Książ Castle
  • Romantic Bolków Castle
  • Bizarre underground factory

Wroclaw City Walk

3 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:19 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Magnificent Old Town
  • 3 of the 12 city islands
  • Superb private guide

Churches of Peace

7 Hours
Departure from:
no reviews/5
Price on request
Tour highlights:
  • Świdnica: UNESCO Heritage
  • Wambierzyce Nativity Play
  • Sion, Tabor, Cedron

About Auschwitz

Auschwitz is the German name for the small town of Oswiecim (40,000 inhabitants) located 60 km West to Krakow. The town centre has a historical centre reminding that in 14-16th centuries Oswiecim was the seat of one Silesian principality. The Slavonic town name’s etymology is “consecration” sharply contrasting with the town’s fate after 1940 when on the territory of defeated Poland the German Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler ordered to convert the Polish army barracks in a punitive camp. It was to became a nucleus of the biggest extermination camp of World War II and the entire human history. The concentration camps areas are preserved as a museum and testimony of Holocaust (90% of the killed were Jews), so that the genocide caused by Nazi Germany is never forgotten. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Holocaust memorial belongs among the most frequently visited places in Poland. It is a place of pilgrimages of Jews, numerous school excursions and hundreds of thousands of travellers who are mostly based in Krakow and undertake to Auschwitz a one-day trip. Getting to Auschwitz Memorial with our assistance is not difficult.

A visit to Auschwitz is also part of ours regular escorted tours:

Excursions to other holocauts memorials in Poland

If you are seriously interested in the 20th-century history whirlwind, there are also several other Holocaust-related sites in Poland. None of them has such a notorious public acclaim like Auschwitz and require more imagination from their visitors as they are not so preserved like Auschwitz-Birkenau. Sensitive travellers may perceive the tragedy and the atmosphere of sheer hopelessness.

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