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City Centre

The extensive and impressive centre reflects Bydgoszcz’s rich history. Old Town, historically located on three islands, is the oldest part of the district. Granaries, numerous canals and water flows have survived to this day and are a proof of the important role that the Brda River once played. North of the Old Town is Gdanska street, the city’s representative part with its eclectic burgher houses. To the right of Gdanska, villa-style architecture dominates following the garden-city convention. Going left of Gdanska you reach Bydgoszcz Glowna railway station. The north-east part of the centre is the base of higher education institutions, including Kazimierz Wielki University. Diversification of housing in the centre of Bydgoszcz means that monuments, culture institutions, numerous companies and hotels are situated within walking distance. Everyone can find a suitable hotel for themselves in Bydgoszcz.

  • Gdanska Street
    Gdanska street is a flagship of Bydgoszcz and one of the city’s main arteries. This part of the city is also the economic centre of the region with main offices and culture institutions headquartered in this area. Gdanska street stretches from the charming quay of the Brda River towards Myslecinek – the northern border of the city. The hotels situated near Gdanska street are among the city’s most prestigious ones. The street owes its unique character to its numerous eclectic burgher houses. At the junction of Gdanska and Dworcowa street rises the massive Pod Orlem Hotel, one of the city’s most representative buildings, as well as its longest functioning hotel. A stone’s throw from there, behind the Voivodship Office, is Kazimierz Wielki Park, a popular place to take a walk or partake in other leisure activities. Going along Gdanska street southwards you get to Rynek Starego Miasta (Old Town Square) and Wyspa Mlynska (Mill Island).
  • Jagiellonow Roundabout
    Rondo Jagiellonow/Jagiellonow roundabout is a major crossroads in the centre. Three streets: Jagiellonska, Bernardynska and 3 Maja intersect here. Going southwards the road leads directly to I.J. Paderewski Airport. Northwards it reaches an exclusive residential district. Collegium Medicum, as well as offices of the district authorities and the Voivodeship Office are also situated nearby. If you choose to stay in one of the hotels located in the immediate vicinity of Rondo Jagiellonow you will save time as the area is well-developed means of communication with other parts of Bydgoszcz. City Hotel, the second biggest hotel in Bydgoszcz, is situated near the roundabout.
  • Old Town
    The Old Town was built on three islands – Mlynska (Mill), Miejska (Municipal), and Zamkowa (Castle). The area is famous for its picturesque location on the banks of the Brda River, its numerous canals and revitalised boulevards. There are also several hotels located inside historic buildings. The most often photographed attractions in Bydgoszcz are the balancing sculpture “Crossing the river” suspended on a rope over the Brda River, the 18th century granaries and the modern structure of the BRE Bank. The building’s design was modelled after old granaries and quickly became one of the visual landmarks of the city. A view over the massive Opera Nova, a cultural and congress centre, stretches from Wyspa Mlynska (Mill Island), which is a popular place to take a walk. Dluga street is one of the main shopping streets in Bydgoszcz. Tourists who choose to stay in one of the Old Town’s hotels have easy access to Bydgoszcz and its main tourist attractions.
  • Railway District
    Dzielnica Kolejowa/Railway District, as its name suggests, is located near the PKP Bydgoszcz Glowna railway station. A promenade along Dworcowa street with many restaurants, pubs and shops leads directly to the station. Any hotel situated in this part of Bydgoszcz guarantees easy access both to the centre and to other parts of the city. The area’s housing is dense, Dworcowa street gets more beautiful with every passing year, but the houses from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century need renovation. The tram-building company PESA, which makes the popular SWING trams, is situated near the railway station. Hotels in this area guarantee good value for money. Bydgoszcz is one of the greenest cities in Poland. The northern part of the district borders with the recreational part of Bydgoszcz, where the large woods function as the lungs of the city.

The East

The eastern part of the city is mainly an extensive area of housing estates and production plants. An exceptional attraction is the Exploseum DAG Fabrik Bromberg, which is located on the premises of the ‘Zachem’ chemical plant. Exploseum is a specimen of the 3rd Reich industrial architecture with a vast underground tourist route. Wide arteries: Fordonska, Torunska and Wojska Polskiego lead to the city centre. The industrial character of the eastern districts of Bydgoszcz make hotels in this area particularly appealing to business travellers. It is not difficult to find a hotel in Bydgoszcz that is a good value for money.

    The North

    The northern part of the city consists mainly of green areas. The Zawisza housing estate is a well-developed area with large sports and recreation complex, including its own stadium. Osiedle Lesne is a dispersed housing estate which consists of blocks of flats, villas and detached houses. PKP Bydgoszcz Lesna railway station is situated right next to this housing estate. Further north are the green lungs of Bydgoszcz. A vast wooded area, including Myslecinek with its Lesny Park Kultury i Wypoczynku (Wooded Park of Culture and Leisure) as well as the neighbouring allotments make the area ideal for various recreational and sporting activities.The hotels in this part of Bydgoszcz offer diversified standards and usually many leisure options. Due to the attractive location a hotel in this part of Bydgoszcz is a good choice for active tourists regardless of their age.

      The South

      South of Bydgoszcz’s centre is the Ignacy Paderewski Airport, conveniently located around 3 km from the downtown area. Closer to the centre lie three housing estates: Szwederowo, Gorzyskowo, and Biedaszkowo. These housing estates are connected by the Ludwika Solskiego, Podgorna, ks. Ignacego Skorupki and Piekna streets as well as a ring road from the south. Henryk Dabrowski Park, which is a part of the green belt placed along Zbocze Bydgoskie (Bydgoszcz Hillside), separates the southern districts from the Old Town. A walking alley along the green belt makes it possible to admire a panorama of Bydgoszcz. Hotels located in the southern part of Bydgoszcz are attractive to everyone who wants to get to the centre and the airport quickly.

        The West

        The western part of the city consists of former settlements and estates incorporated into the limits of Bydgoszcz in the 1960s. The largest of them, Osowa Gora, consists of low detached houses. These are mainly marshy grounds marked out by peat bogs, small ponds and the old Kanal Bydgoski/Bydgoszcz Canal, a part of which between Wroclawska and Rondo Grunwaldzkie has been revitalised. Grunwaldzka, Nakielska and Nad Torem streets all lead to the centre. Alternatively you may use a convenient railway route.


          The district received its name from the town Fordon, which was incorporated into the limits of Bydgoszcz in 1973. It is the easternmost and the biggest housing estate in Bydgoszcz. Fordonska street leads to the centre as far as Rondo Jagiellonow (Jagiellonow Roundabout). Fordon is also connected with the centre through rail. A tram service will also operate between the district and the centre in the near future. Wzgorze Fordonskie (Fordon Hill) is an exceptional physical and geographical microregion with stunning panoramic views. Gora Szybownikow (Glider Pilots Mountain) was named in honour of the Glider School which used to be there. There is an Oncological Centre and a hotel right next to it in the Fordon district. Oncological treatments at the centre are provided to patients from the whole Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship. Hotels in this area should be an interesting alternative to the ones located closer to the centre thanks to the natural beauty of the surroundings as well as easy access to the centre.

            Bydgoszcz hotel market

            Bydgoszcz attracts mainly business travellers. Nevertheless, the stream of tourists visiting the city is growing year after year. The hotel base is diversified. Accommodation is provided both by high standard and economy hotels. In comparison to cities such as Gdansk or Poznan, the hostel and apartment market is relatively underdeveloped. Hotels are accumulated mainly in the centre with easy access to any part of the city. The number of hotels thoroughly meets customer demand. However, if you wish to stay during sporting events, festivals and fairs it is recommended to book accommodation well in advance. Accommodation prices increase during important events. The high season lasts from May to September.

            Hotels Bydgoszcz

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