Rules for travellers wishing to visit Poland. Who can enter Poland? What are the regulations on crossing the Polish border? Check out the current limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In general, you may enter Poland regardless the country or region you travel from. But there may be some specific regulations for travellers arriving from outside the European Union. For details please refer to the table below.



Arrivals from outside the European Union, the Schengen Area and Turkey. Arrivals from the EU, the Schengen Area and Turkey.
Open borders Yes, but certain regulations are applied. Yes. No restrictions on crossing the Polish border.
Quarantine 10-day entry quarantine, unless you meet one of the following criteria:

  • you have completed a full vaccination cycle, and 14 days (counting from the day following the date of the final dose) have passed since the final dose. Vaccination must be confirmed by an EU Digital COVID Certificate or by another document in Polish or English confirming vaccination with a vaccine that has been granted a marketing authorization within the European Union,
  • you are children not older than 12, who travel under the guardianship of adults who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19,
  • you are a “convalescent”, which means a person who has recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection at most 6 months before the date of crossing the Polish border. However, you are obliged to present a document confirming recovery from the disease, issued in Polish or English, e.g., an EU Digital COVID Certificate.
No obligatory quarantine.

Travellers subjected to quarantine in Poland will be able, not earlier than on the 8th day counting from the day following the arrival date, to undergo a test. In case of a negative result, the quarantine will be lifted.

If you arrive to Poland by plane, you are obliged to fill in, before check-in, a Passenger Locator Form, either electronically or, if that’s not possible, on paper using the form provided by the on-board staff.

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