Are your services and the booking process safe?

You supply all your data via our 100% secure certified SSL page. The coded protocol guarantees security of your personal data: they are transmitted in an encrypted form, protected by our effective firewall and shared only with the hotel of your choice. The secure pages’ identity is insured to 10,000 USD.

Your credit card (CC) information can alternatively be faxed or simply phoned to us. For an increased security, we do not store your CC information – it has to be supplied anew, every time you make a new booking with our system.

If you choose to pre-pay instantly online, your CC details will be processed immediately by eCard (Polish credit card authorisation centre for VISA, EC/MC, DINERS, JCB – and in this case the credit card data visible neither to the hotel not to our company. This option brings you more security than purchases in a traditional shop.

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