Are your trips appropriate for children?

We have in Terms & Conditions 8 years as the requested minimum age, but it is not a strict limit. Parents know their children best and if you feel that they will enjoy the programme and company of many people, then we are all for it. However, please be considerate of the others tour guests. Exceptions – difficulties: the Auschwitz Museum: Let parents decide, sometimes it is advisable to close/cover their eyes as some sights are horrid. The museum recommends the age to be over 12, but it depends on the person. It is necessary to be able to understand and respect the message of the attraction. Tychy Brewery: There are existent laws in Poland and thus only people over age 18 years old are officially allowed inside the brewery. The visit in the brewery is pleasant and may involve drinking a test pint of beer. Nobody is forced to drink beer inside. It is disputable whether the law is effective.

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