Are your trips appropriate for seniors?

Absolutely yes, they are convenient for everybody. More challenging items of comfort tours:
a/ Wieliczka Salt Mines: We walk downstairs (7 minutes). Then 2-hours’ of slow sightseeing and some portion contain stairs. During the tour, you can sit on the banks. In the tours end we return in an elevator. The tour is not too difficult, but you should avoid it if you have bad joints or suffer from claustrophobia. (You will enjoy Krakow more)
b/ Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: It is a pilgrimage site and there are about 50 stairs. If you have serious problems with knees, joints it is possible to wait for the others sitting comfortably below the church.
c/ Return journey Zakopane – Warsaw: It takes 7 hours, but we make stops. It is possible to travel only to Krakow (2.5 hours), stay there one – two more nights and then continue to Warsaw by train (2.5 hours).
d/ Return journey Wroclaw – Warsaw: It takes 6 hours. Unfortunately, there is no well-designed way to avoid it. If you have more time, you can travel to Prague or visit Poznan (2 hours by train), stay overnight and then continue by another train to Warsaw (4 hours).

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