How do I know that my reservation was successfully completed?

You must receive by e-mail from us either HOTEL VOUCHER (confirming that you have prepaid the stay) or a CONFIRMATION LETTER (confirming that the hotel expects you on the given dates and that they accept payment at the reception).

You always receive the confirmation documents by e-mail (in .pdf or as a printable picture) and these documents can be printed also from your computer screen – the document will show on your screen when you complete an online booking or you can alternatively print out it any time from your customer profile. If you happen to have troubles with the internet, we can fax it to your fax number (on request).

You should have your confirmation document with you when checking in your hotel.

Please note that if you only send a request for some hotel and dates without any guarantee, it does not mean you have a booking automatically, you must receive the formal document from our office.

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