How to book as quickly as possible?

Select your hotel and the preferred room type(s). If the rooms are offered online (green circle icon next to the price), you will be able to book them within 2-5 minutes and receive an automatic confirmation.

If you prefer to book rooms which are on-request (blue icon in the INFO column), fill our request form and choose contact option “urgent – 20 minutes”. You will receive a prompt response (during the working hours of our reservation centre) by e-mail, phone or fax.

To make a super fast reservation on-request, you may send your credit card details immediately after filling in the request form and wait shortly for the confirmation letter. If your hotel is unavailable you receive confirmation for the most similar hotel which is available.

Last but not least, consider using your customer profile regularly. Once you make a request or booking you get a customer password. You simply log-in (on) the website every time you want to make a booking. Log-in access is in the top right corner of the website. Once you log in, you do not have to fill personal forms, you simply choose a hotel and book (request).

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