What does the reservation process look like?

  • SEARCHING FOR A HOTEL : 5-15 minutes (individually)
  • CONFIRMING ON-REQUEST RESERVATIONS: min. 20 minutes (individually)


The reservation process has been produced to be easy and instinctive. Firstly you have to use the hotel search box and find the accommodation you like. Your reservation can be made in three easy steps only: you simply select which rooms you wish to book, number of rooms, enter your dates and guarantee the reservation.

Usually a higher number of rooms are available on request than online. In case of an on-request reservation, you do not have to guarantee your reservation immediately, just send us your order, specify in what time and how would you like us to respond.


  • Use the hotel search box on the main page or on the city pages. Enter the dates of your stay and preferences regarding hotel and hotel rooms and click “SHOW PRICES” button.
  • Search results page will appear. All offered hotels will be shown on the same page – sorted according to price, the cheaper first. Click the “sort button” on the top of the page to sort hotels by price, name, location or size – as you prefer.
  • Click at hotel names or hotel pictures to view hotel pages. Each hotel page has informative sub pages (general info, rooms&rates, hotel map, services & amenities, guest comments, photo gallery, similar hotels). Compare all hotels and find the one you like.


  • Proceed to reservations either from the search results page or from any particular hotel page. Click on the word “book” and enter the number of rooms you need. The room type you wanted will have “1” in it, but you can change it for more rooms. You can easily select number of any room type you want to be reserved. Click “SUBMIT” and move to the booking /request form.
  • Booking/request form shows which rooms you selected, with all their price details and the total price you are to pay. The system will tell you if the reservation will be processed immediately (online) or if this is an on-request reservation which requires an assistance from our reservation staff. You will also see the payment options (PAYMENT AT HOTEL or PREPAYMENT). Then you will be asked to submit your contact details. To do this you either log into your customer profile (customers who have booked with our updated system, received a log-in/password) or enter your contact data when making the first request or reservation.
  • Submit your request. If we notify you that the booking is possible straightaway you will be asked either to pay for your accommodation online (we use the eCard authorisation system) or to provide a credit card guarantee for the hotel (100% secure SSL connection). Enter the info to our system and you will receive either online confirmation letter (if you are to pay at hotel) or hotel voucher (if you prepay immediately).


  • If the booking cannot be processed immediately, our system will ask you how quickly do you want us to respond by email, telephone or fax and inform about the rooms availability. Then you wait for us to contact you. We will try to confirm the hotel you chose or offer the best alternative option.
  • If you are satisfied with our offer, you will have a possibility to go immediately to the booking form and secure your reservation either with credit card or prepayment. The booking form can be accessed either though a coded link in the response e-mail we will send you or easily by logging into your customer profile on STAYPOLAND. Both in the e-mail and in your customer profile you will be able to review the hotel (hotels) we are offering you in your dates.
  • Wait for our staff to send you the confirmation letter.
  • If you receive a confirmation letter or voucher from us, it means that we guarantee that the hotel holds a reservation for you – as shown in the document. We recommend to print your confirmation letter or voucher and have it with you when checking in the hotel.
  • Three days after the departure day you will receive an automatic e-mail from our system asking to evaluate the hotel services.

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