Gdynia hotels

Port & Kaszubski Square
Kaszubski Square is a square in the centre of Gdynia, where Swietojanska shopping street has its start. It is a perfect place for everyone who likes being close to all the city’s main attractions.
Near city centre
Hotels located near the centre are also close to the city’s greatest attractions, like Swietojanska shopping Street, the Tri-city railway station as well as Kosciuszko Square.
Mechelinki is an old Kashubian village, situated approximately 15 km from Gdynia. It is a perfect location for everyone who appreciates to rest in the open air. While in here, you ought to visit the neighbouring nature reserve, Mechelinskie Laki (Mechelinki Meadows).
Outside Gdynia
Rekowo Gorne
Rekowo Gorne is a Kashubian village, situated approximately 21 km from Gdynia. Apart from the annual equine competition Skokomania, Rekowo Gorne does not offer many attractions. However, the local spa hotel, housing in a palace from the 19th century, is worth visiting.

Rumia is a town located 12 km from Gdynia. It has a lot of tourist attractions to offer. Staying at a hotel in Rumia guarantees you a good rest, with lots of recreational options nearby.

City Centre

The city centre is undoubtedly the best location in Gdynia. Hotels in the city centre are popular among tourists as well as business people, as they are not far from the beach and the railway station. With our Gdynia hotel database, you will find ideal accommodation in the heart of Gdynia.

  • Kosciuszki Square
    Kosciuszki Square is a large seaside boulevard, next to the yacht harbour, Gdynia Aquarium, the Navy Museum, the destroyer Blyskawica, the frigate Dar Pomorza and the Musical Theatre. It would make an excellent location for your hotel in Gdynia. We recommend that you take hotels in this area of Gdynia into consideration.
  • Port & Kaszubski Square
  • Railway Station
    Some hotels located in the downtown area are close to the main railway station, which is situated right on the western edge of the centre of Gdynia. Good accommodation is guaranteed and this location is convenient even for the most demanding travellers.

Near City Centre

Hotels near the centre of Gdynia are well-connected with the downtown area. They are usually located in quieter neighbourhoods, which may add an additional advantage to this accommodation. Any hotel located near the centre of Gdynia should be worth your special attention.

  • In direction of Sopot
    If you are looking for peaceful accommodation outside the energetic centre of Gdynia, the hotels between Gdynia and Sopot should suit your needs. Almost every hotel is situated close to the sea, which can be considered an additional advantage.
  • Northwest
    You can also find a good hotel northwest of the city centre. Hotels in this are of Gdynia are close to the fast city train stations (SKM) and also tram and bus lines, so transportation to the centre is very easy.

Seaside (max. 1000 m)

Our selection of diverse Gdynia hotels on the seaside will help you find the perfect accommodation, especially if you want to spend your holidays in Gdynia. A hotel in this area ensures a good rest and beautiful views of Gdansk Bay. The seaside is south of the city centre, with beaches stretching to the south towards Orlowo and Sopot.

  • Mechelinki
  • Near Centre
  • Near Sopot (Orlowo)
    Gdynia Orlowo is a picturesque, lesser-known district of the city. It might provide a beautiful location for a hotel in Gdynia, as the neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful. Besides that , you can enjoy the splendid sandy beaches nearby, along with a wooden pier and the scenic cliff of Redlowo.

Outside City Centre

Hotels in this area of Gdynia can be convenient mainly for those who are travelling further on, and Gdynia is only their stop-over, as these hotels in Gdynia are usually within the vicinity of the main intercity roads.

  • North of Harbour
  • Southwest

Gdynia hotel market

Frankly speaking, Gdynia hotel market could be wider. Apart from rare exceptions, the hotels are to some extent antiquated, and the proximity of Sopot and Gdansk gives all travellers a wide choice of hotel accommodation options in the other two towns. In any case, business and tourism-wise there are plenty of reasons to visit Gdynia and stay in a Gdynia hotel. We offer you probably the best hotel options in the city. Hotels in Gdynia are busiest in the summer, in the winter Gdynia can serve for example as a good location for conferences, relaxation and a stay for your health.

Hotels Gdynia

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