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Perła Krutyni

12-220 Ruciane - Nida, Nowy Most 5

The PERŁA KRUTYNI is the most beautifully situated, cosy leisure and tourist centre along the route of the Krutynia river surrounded by a forest and clinging tightly to the river.

Facilities in hotel
  • Unguarded parking

Hotel's description


As of today some of the BRDA LUX houses have already been modernised. These are two-room, insulated holiday houses with four accommodation places. They have been equipped with bathrooms and kitchenettes. They are equipped with new furniture, basic kitchen equipment (fridge, microwave, kettle) and dishes. They are designed for one-week or two-week family stays. Outside each house there is a table with benches. In this case we also offer an option with board – breakfast and dinner. We can also provide infant beds and small bathtubs with racks.
BRDA type houses are two-room houses for five people equipped with washbasins. Outside each house there is a table with benches. The guests may use the sanitary facility of the centre equipped with washbasins, toilets and shower cabins. We ensure the washroom is clean and neat and supplied with hot water. The guests may use all the devices and facilities the centre provides.
PUCHATEK type houses are two-person camping houses generally intended for tourists travelling by canoe or bike staying in our place for a night or two. Of course, this doesn’t mean staying for a longer time for cheap is impossible.
The centre has prepared sites for caravans and motor caravans. The sites have been equipped with wooden tables and benches as well as power supply units.


Holidaymakers may use the devices the centre provides, including the following:
- Canteen for 60 people,
- Bar with a roofed terrace for 40 people,
- Children’s playground,
- Television, ping-pong table, volleyball playing field,
- Car park,
- Water equipment rental post,
- Bike rental place,
- Beach and swimming area,
- Platform on the river,
- Beach chairs, couches and beach parasols,
- Bonfire and barbecue site,
- Hammocks and swings.
The shop in the centre is supplied with food products, sweets, beverages, ice cream, cosmetics, household chemicals, charcoal and fire-starters, cigarettes, beer and many other items.


The PERŁA KRUTYNIA centre is equipped with a separate restaurant pavilion equipped with complete restaurant facilities allowing us to prepare meals and service our guests. We provide a dining hall capable of housing 60 guests as well as a roofed summer bar and with places under parasols for another 60 people.
In our hall meals are served for vacationers, organised groups and participants of occasional events.

Additional information

The area of the centre is separated from the forest environment with rod fences and is equipped with lighting, a wi-fi connection spot and access to cellular networks. Waste should be segregated and placed in labelled containers. Dogs are welcome, but must have documented up-to-date vaccination history, must be walked outside the centre and their owners are required to clean up after them.


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