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Outside Janow Podlaski

Areas outside of Janow Podlaski are very picturesque. Hotels in Janow Podlaski are recommendable to every visitor who wants to take advantage of the nice environs of Podlaski Przelom Bugu Landscape Park.

    Janow Podlaski hotel market

    Janow Podlaski is a small village situated near eastern border of Poland, which gained world-wide fame for its horse stud. Also, Janow Podlaski has several interesting sights, includig historical buildings of the stud designed by Marconi. Although the number of hotels in Janow Podlaski is limited, it seems adequate for the number of visitors, so finding comfortable, economical accommodation in Janow Podlaski should be problem-free.

    Hotels Janow Podlaski

    Check our best accommodation offers in Janow Podlaski

    Janów Podlaski

    Zamek Biskupi

    Starting from:66 EUR
    Janów Podlaski

    Dworek Łukowiska

    Starting from:35 EUR


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