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City Centre

We present the best offering of hotels in Kalisz. The most convenient location for hotels in Kalisz is the city centre, the real heart of Kalisz in terms of business and tourism. Use our database to find the most appropriate accommodation in Kalisz.

  • Old Town
    Kalisz is known as the oldest city in Poland, so its Old Town area is undoubtedly worth a visit. Some of the hotels in Kalisz are situated within the vicinity of the historical area of the city. Staying in a hotel in the Old Town area, you will be guaranteed close proximity to all of the major tourist attractions.

Near City Centre

Hotels in Kalisz which are not right in the downtown area are usually within a short distance from the centre. Some of them take pride in a long tradition and high European standards. One of these might be an appropriate choice if you are searching for accommodation in Kalisz.

  • South

Kalisz hotel market

Although Kalisz is known to be one of the oldest cities in Poland, it is not a popular tourist destination. In spite of this, a visit in Kalisz and a stay in Kalisz hotels can make for an interesting experience while you travel across Greater Poland. Hotels in Kalisz are usually well located and should meet the expectations of city visitors, offering comfortable accommodation in Kalisz.

Hotels Kalisz

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Starting from:52 EUR


Starting from:42 EUR

Komoda Club Residence

Starting from:61 EUR

Seven 7

Starting from:48 EUR

blue hotel

Starting from:53 EUR

Hampton by Hilton Kalisz

Starting from:78 EUR

Apartamenty Babina

Starting from:32 EUR

Baba Hostel

Starting from:23 EUR


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