Kościelisko hotels


This highlander village is a popular holiday destination situated at the foot of the Koscielisko. Hotels in Koscielisko are open both in the summer when visitors come to hike and in the winter when good skiing conditions are on offer. Hotels in Koscielisko, situated in the centre, are close to all Koscielisko’s attractions.

    Outside Centre

    In the hotels outside Koscielisko’s centre, you can fully enjoy local wooden architecture, unique folklore of highlanders as well as delicious cuisine. A hotel in Koscielisko outside the centre can be a good starting point for exploring the area or taking hikes in the Tatras. These hotels in Koscielisko are also close to all attractions, offered by Zakopane.

      Kościelisko hotel market

      Koscielisko is a village situated near Zakopane, the most popular resort in the Tatra Mountains. Koscielisko itself is situated at the foot of the Western Tatra range. Hotels in Koscielisko can be visited for its convenient location near the mountains. Also, Koscielisko hotels are popular among those who want to avoid the hustle and bustles of Zakopane. Though the number of hotels in Koscielisko is quite limited, it seems sufficient for the number of visitors, so finding nice and economical accommodation in Koscielisko should be problem-free.


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