Koszalin hotels

Outside City Centre

Hotels in Koszalin which are situated outside of the town centre might be a good option, especially if you are travelling by car. Each hotel is close to one of the intercity routes which pass by Koszalin, linking it with the major cities of the region, including Gdansk, Szczecin and Poznan.

  • North – dir. Kolobrzeg

Koszalin hotel market

Koszalin is situated close to the coast, surrounded by a number of large forests. Hotels in Koszalin are a good place to stay for those who want to spend relaxing holidays at the sea or love more strenuous activities such as hiking or cycling. Some visitors feel that there should be more hotels in Koszalin, but the present number seems sufficient. You will certainly find acceptable accommodation in Koszalin, meeting all your expectations. Hotel in Koszalin are also a convenient stop on the Berlin-Szczecin-Gdansk-Kaliningrad route. Reserve your hotel in Koszalin with STAYPOLAND.

Hotels Koszalin

Check our best accommodation offers in Koszalin


Gromada Koszalin

Starting from:48 EUR


Starting from:59 EUR

Verde Apartments

Starting from:75 EUR

City Apartments - Młyńska 49

Starting from:64 EUR

City Apartments - ul. Bogusława II 47

Starting from:64 EUR

City Apartments - ul. Marii Ludwiki 7

Starting from:64 EUR

Apartament Centrum Koszalin

Starting from:45 EUR


Starting from:41 EUR


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