City Centre

Hotels in the centre of Krosno are probably the most ideally-located ones. We recommend hotels in this area of Krosno for all visitors to the city, especially when they’re coming as tourists and want to explore the monuments of this charming town, or coming on business, perhaps to the large Krosno Glassworks.

    Near City Centre

    Some good hotels are situated near the centre of Krosno, but still quite close to all of its major attractions.

    • East

    Outside Krosno

    Krosno hotel market

    Krosno is a lovely town, known for its well-developed glass industry and many interesting monuments, although hotels in Krosno are rather scarce. Krosno is situated in southern Poland, close to the main routes leading to Slovakia and Hungary, so a hotel in Krosno could be an excellent stop while travelling farther. Learn more about Krosno hotels while using STAYPOLAND.


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