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Looking for a hotel in Mikolajki’s more tranquil areas, it is a good idea to take into consideration the hotels near or outside the centre of Mikolajki, as they provide good accommodation for all those who seek true relaxation close to the wilds of nature.

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Town Centre

The lively and energetic centre of Mikolajki might be a good choice, especially if you are looking for amusement and a first-class hotel. Hotels in the centre of Mikolajki are close to the Yacht Harbour, so they could be considered the best accommodation in town.

  • Yacht Harbour
    The Yacht Harbour never sleeps, especially during the summer nights. This part of Mikolajki offers some of the best hotels. Moreover, there are lots of people around who are primarily responsible for creating the specific atmosphere which helps make this part of the city an outstanding location.

Mikolajki hotel market

Mikolajki is one of the main destinations in the Masurian lake district. Its perfect setting amidst the Masurian lakes attracts crowds of tourists in the summer period. There are a great number of high standard hotels in Mikolajki as well as many cheaper alternatives in the form of Mikolajki guesthouses. However, the amazing popularity of Mikolajki hotels in summer is not equalled during the winter, in spite of the fact that the travel industry in Mikolajki is striving to change it. You will find many interesting things for you to do in winter, such as ice-sailing (bojery) on the frozen lake. Mikolajki is definitely one of the most popular places in Poland in summer.
Use StayPoland to find the right Mikolajki hotel for you – if you want to be far from everything, then we have a plenty of other offers throughout the Masurian lakes. Come and discover the captivating beauty of the Polish Lake district.

Hotels Mikolajki

Check our best accommodation offers in Mikolajki



Starting from:68 EUR

Mikołajki***** Conference & Spa

Starting from:163 EUR

M&M Apartments

Starting from:98 EUR

Robert's Port

Starting from:64 EUR

Mikołajki Resort

Starting from:71 EUR

Ach Mazury - Stanica Mikołajki

Starting from:72 EUR

Golebiewski Mikolajki

Starting from:131 EUR

Stare Sady Chillout Rooms

Starting from:69 EUR

Mazurski Dworek

Starting from:62 EUR


Starting from:74 EUR

Apartamenty Portowe

Starting from:58 EUR


Starting from:23 EUR


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