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Hotels near the centre of Nowy Sacz can be an excellent starting point for further exploration of the Beskidy Mountains, which are situated to the south of the town. Hotels in this area of Nowy Sacz should be taken into consideration whenever you are planning to go sightseeing or hiking.

  • South
    Hotels situated south of the centre of Nowy Sacz also provide a good location, as they are close to the railway station and the coach station. The centre of Nowy Sacz will also be within close proximity to your hotel. Nowy Sacz lies at the foot of the Beskidy Mountains, a truly beautiful region in Poland.

Nowy Sącz hotel market

Hotels in Nowy Sacz mainly attract tourists who choose the city as a starting point for further exploration of the nearby mountainous areas: Beskid, Tatra, and Pieniny. Besides this, through or near Nowy Sacz run some important routes to Krakow, Bielsko Biala and Slovakia. There are many hotels in Nowy Sacz, as well as guesthouses and hostels. Nowy Sacz is a pleasant, mid-size city with a number of interesting monuments and is within easy distance of mountains, making it a good location to organise conferences. Some of the hotels in Nowy Sacz have well equipped conference facilities.

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Nowy Sącz


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Nowy Sącz


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Nowy Sącz


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Nowy Sącz

Pokoje Zygmuntowska

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Nowy Sącz

Centrum Hotelowo - Konferencyjne

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