Ostrow Wielkopolski hotels

Poza Ostrowem
Hotele poza Ostrowcem usytuowane są wśród malowniczych lasów i łąk. Taka lokalizacja będzie idealna dla każdego kto ceni ciszę i spokój oraz chciałby spędzić swój wolny czas w harmonii z naturą.

Outside Ostrow

Hotels outside Ostrow are situated among beautiful forests and meadows. Such a location will be perfect for everyone who appreciates silence and tranquillity and would like to spend his or her holidays in a harmony with nature.

    Ostrow Wielkopolski hotel market

    Ostrow Wielkopolski is an interesting city in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, situated in the southern part of Kalisz Plateau, on the slopes of High Hills (Polish: Wzgórza Wysockie). There are many hotels in Ostrow and due to the fact they fulfil the local needs. They are well-located, which attracts both business and leisure travellers.

    Hotels Ostrow Wielkopolski

    Check our best accommodation offers in Ostrow Wielkopolski

    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:27 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:44 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:43 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:25 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski

    Hotel Platan

    Starting from:37 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:32 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:33 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski

    Motel Klara (ex. Zajazd Hacjenda)

    Starting from:23 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski


    Starting from:25 EUR
    Ostrów Wielkopolski

    Hotel & Restaurant Bankietowa

    Starting from:40 EUR


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