Poznan hotels

City Centre

If you look for the best hotel in.Poznan, no matter if you travel on business or as a tourist, the centre is a good choice which boasts plenty of office space and interesting architecture which capitvates everyone who visit Poznan. Hotels in Poznan are dispersed around the entire city centre, with the highest density being near the Poznan International Fair Grounds.

  • Historical Centre
    The Old Town area, founded on the present site in the 13th century, has many splendid monuments but Poznan hotels are predominantly located off the historical centre. Apart from a tourist hostel and a few memorable exceptions at its borders you are not likely to find there a hotel. Poznan hotels, however, are often situated on the left side of the Warta River, very close to the downtown area.
  • Downtown
    Many hotels in Poznan are located in a large area filling the space between the Old Town area and the Fair Grounds. The hotels in Poznan’s downtown area are located mainly in the western section, on the fringes of the exhibition halls. These Poznan hotels offer suitable accommodation for both business people and tourists. Moreover, the centre of Poznan features interesting architecture which is additional reason to book a hotel in Poznan right in this district.

Fair Grounds (max. 2 km)

Long trading tradition, regular fairs and exhibitions, and opinion of one of Poland’s main business centres make many people visit Poznan. Hotels in Poznan in the area of the Poznan Fair Grounds are adjacent to the downtown area, so they can provide convenient accommodation if you are coming on business or just want to go sightseeing Poznan. Hotels in this district are perfect for guests of Poznan expo. In this category, we list all of the hotels in Poznan within close proximity to the Fair Grounds area, at a maximum distance of two kilometres away to the south, north or west. Those Poznan hotels which are close and to the east are categorised as being “In the City Centre”.

  • East / Railway Station
    Railway Station is situated a stone’s throw from the Poznan Fair Grounds which makes these Poznan hotels excellent for exhibition’s guestes and participants. We strongly recommend a hotel in Poznan eastern area for other visitors who want to stay close from the centre and visit lesser known but really impressive Art Nouveau areas of Poznan.
  • North
  • South

Near City Centre

There are numerous hotels in Poznan near the city centre of Poznan hotels; all of them can be reached by taxi within 5-10 minutes, and most of them are close to tram or bus stops. These Poznan hotels are sought after for their value/price ratio and the quiet locations they inhabit, and come highly recommended.

  • East
    The hotels in Poznan’s eastern districts are located near Lake Malta, in a peaceful neighbourhood not far from the downtown area. The Berlin-Warsaw motorway is also nearby which is an additional advantage of these hotels in Poznan. Staying in a Poznan hotel near Lake Malta provides you with an opportunity to have a good rest, as there are a large number of popular recreation areas there.
  • North
    Poznan hotels located north of the Old Town area are a good choice, regardless of whether you’re coming as a tourist or on business. Most of these hotels in Poznan are situated in the classy neighbourhoods of Winogrady and Solacz. Close to your Poznan hotel, you will find the Citadel Park, the largest of its kind in Poznan and a popular place to relax, as well as smaller but atmospheric Solacki Park.
  • South
  • West
    Hotels in Poznan situated to the west of the city centre are easily accessible from other parts of Poznan. Hotels in the area are relatively close to the centre. Our directory of Poznan hotels the best offering of hotels in Poznan’s western districts. Every hotel in Poznan, which is situated in this area, provides a good connection with the railway station and the Fair Grounds, as well as with Lawica Airport.

Outside City Centre

Large Poznan hotels with conference facilities or budget-style hotels are situated outside the city centre. Motorway hotels make up a special category of accommodation in Poznan.

  • East
    Hotels in Poznan which are categorised as “east off the city centre” are situated on the right side of the Warta River, in calm residential districts that ensure a good rest. The connection from your Poznan hotel to the city centre is quick and easy – about 10-20 minutes by car. Eastern districts are also good for those who are planning to head for Warsaw the morning after their stay in Poznan.
  • North
    Hotels in Poznan, situated on the northern peripheries of the city, can be a good choice for both business travellers and those who want to find budget accommodation in Poznan. We recommend also hotels outside Poznan, as they provide good connection with the centre.
  • South
    Good accommodation can also be found south of the city centre. These hotels are situated near the motorway in the direction to Warsaw and Berlin.
  • West
    There are some interesting hotel offers in the western suburbs of Poznan. These hotels in Poznan are located between the bustling centre and the green Wielkopolski National Park. An easy connection with the centre and Poznan’s Lawica Airport is another reason to choose one of these Poznan hotels.

Lawica Airport (West)

The Poznan airport, called Lawica, is situated 7 kilometres to the west of the city centre. Some hotels in Poznan are situated within the direct vicinity of the airport, providing comfortable accommodation that might be ideal if you are arriving by plane. Recently, the airport has undergone quite a lot of development, as several low-budget airlines have begun offering flights to various new European destinations which makes the aiport a good way to get to Poznan. Hotels in the area of Lawica are alos good if you are planning to take a further connecting flight.

    Poznan hotel market

    Poznan is a business city and when the fairs are held one may have difficulties in finding an accommodation in Poznan unless you booked at least one or even two months in advance. Keep away from booking hotels in Poznan shortly before the Budma and the Polagra fairs, they are the most popular events in Poznan. Hotels are often booked as the fairs usually take place one week in each month and you can expect the prices 30-80% higher than the usual rack rates in Poznan hotels. The usual rates in hotels in Poznan are not so high and they are reduced on weekends.
    Information: Our Poznan hotel directory presents an offer of the best apartments and hotels in Poznan. We personally inspected all the listed Poznan hotels to verify the accommodation standard. Our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use Poznan hotel database with great hotel discounts and on-line availability. Using our system you can easily locate hotels in Poznan and book the accommodation you prefer quickly, hassle-free and at a competitive rate. Let us know how you liked the hotel in Poznan.

    Hotels Poznan

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