What’s the best way to get around Warsaw?

If you organize a trip around Warsaw and are looking for the best way to move between attractions, we recommend using the Veturilo city bike network (https://www.veturilo.waw.pl/en/). There are many bike stations available, so usually there should be no problem with renting a bike. It is a cheap and relatively fast way of getting around the city center.

If you have a greater distance to travel, use public transport (https://www.ztm.waw.pl/en/). Under one ticket you can travel by buses, trams, subway and SKM trains.

A more expensive way will be taking a taxi. If you decide to go by cab, we suggest using a mobile app, such as FreeNow or iTaxi. We strongly advise against traveling by car. It usually means getting stuck in traffic jams, as well as having trouble finding a free parking space.

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