Swarzedz hotels

Swarzedz ought to be visited by everyone; both active and passive tourists will surely appreciate this picturesque town. The local nature encourages visitors to take a walk or a bike trip, whereas a great number of monuments attract history and sightseeing enthusiasts. There are not many hotels in the town, yet the number of existing ones seems adequate for local needs and Swarzedz’s close proximity to Poznan is their additional advantage.

Outside Centre

Swarzedz hotel market

Outside Centre
If you are looking for a tranquil place to rest and relax, this location will be perfect for you. While walking or riding a bike, you will have a great opportunity to admire picturesque nature of Swarzedz.

Hotels Swarzedz

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Starting from:56 EUR

euroHotel Swarzędz

Starting from:48 EUR

Astoria Bed&Breakfast

Starting from:37 EUR


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