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Hotels in this area of Szczecin are situated within close vicinity to the Old Town area and the Castle on the western bank of the Odra River. Hotels in this area have a perfect location, whether you are coming as a tourist or have some business to do in Szczecin. The centre is an intriguing combination of Medieval houses and churches, along with some examples of newer (post-war or post-1990s) architecture.

  • Castle & Old Town
    The historical areas under the Castle Hill are called Podzamcze. This area is roughly in the middle of the northern and southern downtown areas. Hotels in this area of Szczecin will be especially appreciated by those of you travelling on holiday.
  • Northern Downtown
    This is probably the most important part of Szczecin. There is Rodla Square, with the Szczecin business centre situated tp the north of Zwyciestwa Square. You can also see the stellar layout of Grunwaldzki Square, which resembles Paris with its great Art Nouveau villas and also the areas near the vast Zeromski Park. Moreover, this is a good location for business-oriented hotels in Szczecin.
  • Southern Downtown
    These are the less-exposed areas south of Zwyciestwa Square and Wyszynski Avenue, to the north-west of the main railway station. There are remnants of several historical buildings and the old railway station. This is also a universally ideal location for hotels.

Near City Centre

There are not many good hotels near the centre of Szczecin. However, those situated in the south off the centre can be quite convenient, as they provide good connections with the railway and coach stations. Besides that, a hotel outside the very centre of Szczecin usually offers lower prices.

  • North
  • South

Outside City Centre

Outside the centre, you can find some exceptional Szczecin hotels. Many of them provide fine service and top-quality rooms, while others are located close to the international routes, which can be very useful if you are only staying in Szczecin as a stop-over on your way to Germany or Pomerania. Besides that, many companies find it interesting to organise their conferences outside of Szczecin. If you choose to stay in the western end of Szczecin, an additional feature is the close proximity of the German border.

  • East
  • West

Szczecin hotel market

In its past, Szczecin was the centre of the Pomerania and a reason for discord between the neighbouring states. It was a part of Poland only for a short period of its history, otherwise it was an important German port called Stettin. The city is in the north-western of Poland – open (like it has always been) to influences from Germany and Denmark.
Though it is 60 kilometers from the seaside it was an important port in the estuary of the Odra River into the Baltic Sea. The city’s significance as a port city has decreased, but it is still quite important as a business centre and is an interesting place to visit if you travel to Denmark or Eastern Germany (just 10 kilometres to the border). Furthermore you can travel to Denmark and Scandinavia by ferry leaving from Szczecin or the nearby Swinoujscie.
To put it succinctly Szczecin hotels are quite nice. Szczecin is a reasonably popular place amongst tourists, but due to its history it is an interesting city to visit. There are many Szczecin hotels to cater for both tourists (especially groups from the neighbouring states) and business. There are few very modern hotels in Szczecin, but there is a good choice. The time when hotels are not easily bookable is the period when the NATO (Polish and international army forces are positioned near Szczecin and in the city) organizes trainings and meetings there.
Information: Use StayPoland for sincere descriptions and for getting good prices for hotels in Szczecin. Book your Szczecin hotel with us and share your opinions with us later. We hope that you will be satisfied.

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