Auschwitz has become one of the most powerful symbols of our civilization and entire 20th century history. A visit in this place is a serious journey and a deeply personal experience for everybody. It shows expressively the anatomy of evil – both the obvious horrors and their link with hidden, everyday cruelness.

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It was the largest Nazi extermination camp and site of the biggest genocide. Between 1940-1945, the Nazis killed about 1,500,000 people here, mainly Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies, Russians POWs and members of other nationalities. The area is well preserved and nowadays it houses the Holocaust Museum, listed as being UNESCO Heritage.

Once you get to Auschwitz, the tour will include a visit to the brick-mortar barracks in Auschwitz I and the extensive, depressing area of the large wooden extermination camp at Auschwitz II – Birkenau. The biggest impression is made by the shocking gas chambers, the crematoria, death cells, barbed wire and the creepy, silent watchtowers.

Auschwitz is easier to reach from Krakow or Katowice, but if you are staying in Warsaw, our private tour provides probably the most convenient way to make this unforgettable one-day expedition.

Unesco world heritage monuments

Extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau

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