Industrial Tour

A journey bringing you up close to the numerous underexposed faces of the Polish industry and the industrial landscapes of Masovia.

Duration 10 hours
Availability every day
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We begin with a visit to an inimitable museum – the collection of vintage cars in Otrębusy – to see a unique fleet which includes the cars of Joseph Stalin and Marylin Monroe. From Otrębusy, we move on to the nearby Żyrardów and the impressive 19th century linen factory. The factory is still in operation, producing fabrics that are sought after all over the world. This could be your interesting take-home souvenir from Poland. An employee will guide you through the halls of the factory. You will also have some time for shopping in a local store. The next destination is Łódź – the third biggest city in Poland and one with a short, yet vivid history. In the 19th century, the city was a major centre of textile production. A local guide will show you the key places in Łódź that are tied to its past as an industrial powerhouse, such as: the old worker boroughs, the palatial residences of the textile magnets and the beautiful Art Nouveau tenement houses.

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