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In 1939, Silesia was incorporated into the Reich and Katowice became a capital of the Upper Silesian Province. This industrial city was meant to work for the military needs of Germans.

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At the same time, only 40 km from Katowice, the Nazis were turning the small town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) into the most gruesome extermination camp in the history of mankind. During the years 1940 – 1945, Auschwitz witnessed the genocide of over 1,500,000 Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other nationalities.

This most harrowing symbol of genocide nowadays houses the Holocaust Museum. The tour begins with a visit to the exhibitions in some of the surviving prison blocks, the gas chamber, and the crematorium, making for both a shocking and meaningful experience. After a short break, your guide will take you to Birkenau / Auschwitz II, to climb up the watchtower above the entrance gate and see a view of this, the largest of all Nazi extermination camps.


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