The Traces of Copernicus

This tour is dedicated to the famous Polish astronomer who was the founder of modern astronomy. The tour is led by a guide specializing in the life of one of the most eminent scholars of all time. Torun has plenty of objects connected with his life, and we will help you to explore them.

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Duration 3 hours
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City Torun
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First, we will walk next to the Nicholas Copernicus Museum, located in two beautiful Gothic houses: his family house and a neighboring patrician house.

The next step is St. Johns’ Cathedral, which is one of Torun’s most valuable historical monuments. You will have an opportunity to see the baptismal font where Copernicus was baptized and his epitaph, as well.

The Nicholas Copernicus Monument, which stands in front of the Old Town Hall and the Copernicus University, are the next steps of the tour. We will not miss the Planetarium, where special exhibits ensure an unforgettable experience.

If you have more time, we recommend the visit in Nicholas Copernicus University Astronomy Observatory, located 15 kilometres from the city, which is one of the most up-to-date observatories with Europe’s third-largest radio telescope. If you are interested, we can also organize a Copernicus tour of Poland for you, which will also feature Krakow, Wroclaw, Olsztyn and Frombork, the place where he finalized his Heliocentric Theory.

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