Crazy Communism Tour

Almost 70 years ago the communist dignitaries decided to balance Krakow’s noble past by creating a massive industrial sector. As a result, the 1950s saw the construction of the huge “New Krakow” – the notorious Nowa Huta district on the eastern border of the city.

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  • tour with an English-speaking, laid-back guide
  • riding in an old-school Trabant car
  • visiting the following places: Centralny Square, residential buildings, Steelworks Administration Centre, Soviet tank, Lord’s Ark Church
  • free drink in the “Stylowa” restaurant
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The blocks of flats feature Renaissance-inspired elements, which were used to commemorate the “new awakening of mankind”. You will visit the administrative buildings of the steelworks, the Central Square of Promenades, the so-called Dozow Palace, and the first churches built during the workers’ counter-revolution. Nowa Huta eventually transformed itself into one of the bastions of the anti-communist movement of the 1980s.

This tour will be exotic for anybody from beyond the former Iron Curtain, and perfect for the “proletariat” of any country, since you will see a great number of artefacts that once were a common sight for anybody living within the Soviet bloc before the fall of the Berlin wall.

This special tour is lead by a team of dedicated “Crazy Guides” who will drive you in Trabant automobiles – small plastic-bodied cars manufactured in the former East German Democratic Republic. They will show you a typical communist “restaurant” and an apartment in a block-of-flats from the 1970s.

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