Dunajec River Raft Trip

Dunajec raft trip is one of the most popular Polish mountain attractions.
The reasons are:
1. it is not far from Krakow and Zakopane
2. it is completely safe (the slow river is only a little more than 1 meter deep and each raft has its guide with a pole)
3. it leads through the Pieniny National Park – the river is flanked by tall limestone rock formations of great scenic beauty.

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Duration 8 hours
Availability from mid April to the edn of October
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Private group with more than 8 participants - upon request.
We reccomend to wear a raincoat - weather like to change in the mountains - and comfortable shoes.

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  • transport with a private car (door-to-door service)
  • raft fee
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While on the raft, you will enjoy amazing views of the high peaks of Trzy Korony and Mt. Sokolica. The surrounding forest and the energetic river guides make for a very interesting day in a pristine and wild area on the border with Slovakia. (The second part of the Pieniny Park is in Slovakia and you can try a raft ride there too).

Our trip begins at the raft wharf in Sromowce Nizne and ends 15 kilometers later in Szczawnica. It lasts two to three hours, depending on the water level in the river. The advantage of the organized tours is that the private limousine expects you in the spa resort of Szczawnica and you do not have to return to your start point on the river.

National & landscape parks

Pieniny National Park

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Dunajec River Raft Trip
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